Marchesina di Sole e Terra

JuniorCH Bel 2014. JuniorCH Lux 2014.

CH Bel 2016. CH Lux 2016.

CH Int 2016.


White brown female born 8 january 2013
LOSH 1122910
HD/B  - PL 0  - eyes free - JE free - 44 cm
F/F furnishing free. Storage disease free.
Scissor teeth 
DNA identified.
LOSH breeding admitted.
Belgian Youth champion2014
Luxemburg Youth Champion2014
Belgian Champion 2016
Luxemburg Champion 2016
International champion 2016
Excellent. CAC/IB. BOB.


26/08/2016: European Dog Show Brussels, Jef Verrees (Be).
Excellent 2 champion class females

12/06/2016:  CACIB Douai (Fr) Rui Oliveira (P)
Excellent 1 champion class females, CACIB, BOB,

17/04/2016:  CACIB Antwerpen (B), Zeppi (It)
Excellent 1 champion class females, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG3

27/03/2016:  CACIB Luxemburg (B), Czegledi (H).
Excellent 1 open class females, CAC, CACIB, Best female and
Champion of Lxemburg

20/02/2016:  CACIB Gent (B), Sastre (Es)
Excellent 1 open class females, CAC, CACIB, BOB, with best six in BIG and 

27/06/2015:  CACIB Genk (B), O. Carty (IE)
Excellent 1 open class females, res CAC, res CACIB

6/06/2015:  Show of the Dutch Lagotto Club in Venlo (D), Agneta Pamp (S).
Excellent 1 on 11 open class females.

5/06/2015:   Show of the German Lagotto Club in Grefrath-Oedt (D), Alessandro Zeppi (It).
Excellent 1 on 10 open class females.

30/08/2014:  CACIB Luxemburg, Biasiolo (It).
Excellent 1 intermediate class females, CACL, RCACIB.

24/08/2014:  CACIB Mechelen (Be), Rutten (Be).
Excellent 1 Inermediate females.
29/06/2014:  CACIB Genk (Be), Van Brempt (Be).
Excellent 1 Inermediate females.

28/06/2014:  German Clubmatch (De) Serena Bernardi (It) 63 Lagotti.
Excellent 1 (on 4) Intremediate females. Res CAC.

22/06/2014:  Dutch Clubmatch (Nl) Morsiani (It) 80 Lagotti.
Excellent 2 (on 6) Intermediate females.

7/06/2014:  CAC Lommel (Be). Opris (Ro).
Excellent 1 Intermediate females.

13/04/2014:  CACIB Antwerpen (Be).
Excellent 1 intermediate females.
Best female.

9/02/2014:  CACIB Genk (Be).
Excellent 1 Youth class females.
Best youth, best female and BOB.

26/01/2014:  CACIB Moeskroen (Be).
Excellent 1st youth female class.
Best youth, female and BOB.

4/01/2014:  CACIB Hoogstraten (Be).
Excellent 2 Youth clas female.

16 and 17/11/2013: Dubble CACIB Kortrijk (Be).
Excellent 1 Youth class females..
Best Youth and BOB.

21/09/2013: CACIB Bruxelles (Be) - (Theo Leenen (Be)).
Very promessing 1st place Puppy class females.
Best puppy.
Puppy BIS 2nd place.

7/09/2013: CACIB Luxemburg (L) - (Maria Ceccarelli (I)).

Very promessing 1st place Puppy class females.
Best puppy.
Puppy BIS 2nd place.

1/09/2013: Eurodog Show Geneve (CH) - (Carla Molinari (P)).
Very promessing 2nd place in puppy class females.

17/08/2013: CACIB Mechelen (Be) - (Jochen Eberhardt (De)).
 Very promessing 1 in puppy class females and 3 in ring of honnor puppies.

8/06/2013: show Alsfeld - German Clubmatch (D) (Willes-Sporres (Se)).
 Very promessing 1/2 in baby class females and best baby on 3.


Daughter of Giusto and Jazza. Proud and playfull. Free and happy. Atletic like her father Giusto.

Marchesina (pronounce Markesina) means "daughter of the marquiq in italian.





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