The first generation:



CH Fr 2006

Daccapo del Pipa Casita

Male born on may 12th 2004
at Peter Henderijckx (BE).
ALSH 0062259
HD/A - PL free - Eyes fee - JE carier - 48 cm
Teeth scissors.
Confirmation LOSH breeding.
Truffle- and watertest (TAN eau - TAN truffe)
French champion

Daccapo is a strong male with a puppy heart. He is very docile, needs people, is a calm dog that takes an eye on the property on the same time. With Daccapo we can go and come everywhere. Everybody loves him very easily.

Young busy puppies are not his favourite and cannot disturb his rest. But nice female Lagotti take all his attention at once. He himself is a French champion what means that he has besides his regional and national CACIB's also his tests on truffle and water.



Scheffelfältets Gizmo Gentile
Principe a Posto
Fiocco di Casa Cleo
Briky delle Farnie
Naxos delle Farnie
Aky delle Farnie
Scheffelfältets Allegra Attenta
Fiocco di Casa Cleo


Delux delle Farnie






Scheffelfältets Nostrana Nota


Roanno bitch born on march 15th 2005
at Elisabeth Scheffel (SE).
S29816 en LOSH 9102185
HD A/B - PL free - Eyes free - JE carier - 42,5 cm
Teeth scissors.
Confirmation LOSH breeding.
Truffle- en watertest (TAN eau - TAN truffe)


Strana is a nice and gentle bitch that loves being with people. Roanno, ideal height, with a very good curl. She loves swimming, digging, running in the forest. She is very smart.

Her short and harmonious anatomy are resulting in a very movable and athletic structure. Showing is not her favourite. Srana is a very good truffle seeking dog; she was succesfully tested at the age of five months.





Bonbons LR Billy Holiday
Tommi Junior


Toshiko's Lagotto for Bonbon





Lagotterie Baltico-Jip

CH Lux 2011 en CH Bel 2011

CH Int 2012



°february 19th 2009 - +february 2013
at Petra van de Voorn-Genemans (NL).
NHSB 2738486 en BE/RSH
HD/A1  - PL free - Eyes free - JE free - 46,5 cm
Teeth scissors. Identification DNA.
Confirmation LOSH breeding.
Champion of Luxemburg (2011).
Belgian Champion (2011).
International Champion (2012).
Inbreeding coëfficient 0,39%.


6/06/2012: show Metz - French Championship (Fr) (Rault (Fr)).
 excellent 2nd place and RCAC in open class males.

22/04/2012: show Goes (Nl) (Lochs-Romans (Nl)).
 excellent 1rst plaece in champion class males.
CAC, CACIB and BOB and International champion.

9/10/2011: show Charleroi (M Borges (P)).
 excellent 1rst place in champion class males.
CAC  BOB and Belgian champion.

5/06/2011: Special  Lyon (M Le Roueil (Fr)).
excellent in open class males.
All results special Lyon

4/06/2011:French Clubmatch Lyon (José Luis Arrue Pinto (Es)).
3th place excellent in open class males.
All results NE  p1
All results NE  p2

27/03/2011: Show Luxemburg (Nicola Imbimbo (It)):
1st excellent in open class males, CAC. rés CACIB.
All results Luxemburg.

19/12/2010: Brussels (Be) Des Manton (Irl):
1st excellent, CAC, CACIB, title Belgian Winner and
Qualifying Award FCI Centenary World Champion of Champion 2011.
All results Brussels

21/11/2010: Kortrijk (Be) Mannucci (It):
2nd intermediate class.
All results Kortrijk.

7/11/2010: Metz (Fr) (Drouillard(Fr)):
1ste excellent open class, CAC, CACIB, BOB.
All results Metz.

31/10/2010: Leuven (Be) (Lokodi Csaba Zsolt (Ro)):
1ste excellent intermediate, CAC, CACIB, BOB.
All results Leuven.

16/10/2010: Dortmund Bundessieger (Beyersdorf):
3th VG in intermediate class males.
All results Dortmund.

4/09/2010: show Luxemburg (Marie-Josée Melchior (Lux)):
1st excellent in intermediate class, CAC.
All results  Luxemburg.

22/O8/2010: show Mechelen (Be) (Texeire Luis Pinto (P)): 1st excellent in intermediate class,
CAC, CACIB, BOB, second in group 8.
11/07/2010: show Paris (Morsiani): first excellent intermediate males.
All results  Paris.

Show Brussels 2009: youth class excellent 2.

French clubmatch 2009: very promessing,
best Lagottobaby and best baby of show.


Buck del Ginestreto
Scully del Ginestreto
Gaia del Ginestreto
Tio Babe's Cantico Kira
Kimbo del Amore a prima Vista
Duffy delle Farnie


Tio Babe's Alpha Alma Amber
Romakome Carmia Mia