Welcome on the homepage

of the Lagottokennel

"di Sole e Terra"




We would love to take you on a trip trough our Lagottoworld. The passion for the Lagotto Romagnolo took possession of us and only increased the last years as it is to see in our family and our home.

On the first place we are keeping Lagotti as domestic animals living together with our family. Therefor their character is very important to us in addition to a very sociable education and docility. Our dogs are living together with adults and children.





Our dogs are conform with the breeding standard as it is confirmated on dog shows where they have been judged excellent and admitted to the LOSH breeding of Saint-Hubert Federation. Their health is being looked after by a healthy alimentation without sweets, the care they need and an adapted program of running and moving. We want to keep an eye on their character as a working dog by training them on truffle seeking and feeling good in the water. They are walking and running with us in the field, the forest, the beach and the mountains.



The Lagotto also let us made contact with many new people and friends either in Belgium as abroad. Like we did the last years, we will help and advice further on all people that are candidate for a Lagotto in general and that love the Lagotto.



If you fear to be caught by the Lagottovirus, close this homepage. If not, enter.


Living without a dog is possible, but doesn't have any sense.

Living without a Lagotto is impossible.