Our Goals

Our goal is to breed healthy en social dogs that are corresponding to the breeding standard. Thats why we are breeding with adult dogs that have these same good characterictics. Please be welcome at our place to meet our dogs.

Realising this goal our Lagotti are first of all living with us as real family members. They are fed in a healthy way, can move freely as they need, are used to stay in a bench alone or to be calm in the house as well or to go walking and running. Of course they are being followed on all medical needs.



We let test our dogs on HD, eyes, patella, juvenile epilepsy, furnishing, storage disease. The dogs are presented on shows and on the qualifying days of Saint-Hubert to be confirmated and allowed to the LOSH-breeding of the Royal Saint Hubert Society. All our dogs have a DNA identification. From all our puppies a DNA sample is taken to let verify their lineage by Saint-Hubert.

Our kennel 'di Sole e Terra' has been registrated by the Royal Saint Hubert Society, and is under his control for breeding, getting pedigrees, chipping, DNA-identification. Our Lagotti are legaly registrated in Belgium. So they have their European Pasport that also is fonctioning as a vaccination record.



The pups have been vaccinated, treated against worms and socialised as far as possible during the first weeks that a pup is living with the breeder. The socialising programm is the first thing the new owner has to do to become a good stable dog. Pups are leaving our place with a correct contract and legal warranty, a personal puppyguide, food for the first period at the owners place.



Our own experience and our scholing at Syntra as a breeder, our contacts with other breeder, owners and vets is the basis of our breeding program.

Without any obligation you can be registered as a puppy candidat. Of course you are welcome to meet us and the dogs and getting to know each other better.












2018 May 6th

The puppies of Sarko and Proxima are born

2 females and 5 males

white-brown, arancio,white

Expected genetic health Index of the puppies 108

All dogs have been MYDOGDNA examinated and are free of all known genetic dieseases. All details are on the respective pages ofvthese dogs on this website.


Illico Presto de la forêt des Hauts de Galgals (Sarko)

HD/A - PL free- Eyes free - JE free - 46,5 cm. DNA identified. Admitted to LOSH breeding. Scissors teeth

Furnishing free. Storage disease (LSD) free. MyDogDNA health index 106.Belgian Junior Champion 2014. Junior Champion of Luxemburg 2015. Belgian Champion 2016. Luxemburg Champion 2016. Excellent. CAC/IB. BOB.


Comes Cordis Proxima Centauri (Proxima)

HD/B1 - PL free- Eyes free - JE free - 44 cm. DNA identified. Admitted to LOSH breeding. Scissors teeth

Furnishing free. Storage disease (LSD) free. MyDogDNA health index 115.Junior Champion Luxemburg 2011. Belgian Champion 2012. Tan truffes (France). Excellent. CAC/IB.BOB.