Truffles and water



Foto De Tijd.


The Lagotto Romagnolo was originally used as a waterdog to bring the birds shot by his master in the lakes in northeast of Italy, the region called the Romagna. When most of these lakes were dried up, the Lagotto has been recuperated as a fine truffle dog. Altough one is looking for truffles with all kind of dogs, the Lagotto is the only breed that especially is being bred as a truffle dog.



During a long time many other dogs and breeds have been mixed up with the Lagotto because they were good truffle dogs. Because of that reason the pioneers that cleaned up the Lagotto breed later, had a lot of work to purify the breed. In the meanwhile Lagotto has earned his fame both as a good looking breed and as a excellent truffle dog.

A "beautifull" Lagotto is a Lagotto that has these characteristics that make him find truffles easily. The very detailled breeding standard of the Lagotto is also written from yhis point of view.


En Bourgogne


Our dogs also are trained on truffle work. We are starting this training when they are a puppy by playing the game of looking for truffle smell. When we have the possibility, we are presenting our dogs to the working test.

Also in Belgium we also found truffles in the forest: summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum or Scorzone) and so called Burgundy truffle (Tuber Uncinatum).





Lagotto, a waterdog


The Lagotto is a real water dog. A Lagotto loves the water, even more, he has to love it. He can not be afraid to enter into the water.



Although the Lagotto do not has to learn going easily in the water, he has to be brought in contact with on several occasions and this in a safe way: on the beach, in a pond, in the mountains.



Once a Lagotto discovered the water, one has to be carefull not to go into forbidden water such as a canal with steep borders, water that isn't clean, swimming pools.