Hurricane del Fatalbecco

JuniorCH Bel 2014, JuniorCH Lux 2014

CH Bel 2015,



Brown male born 2013 mai 3th.
at Poggini (It), Kennel del Fatalbecco.
HD/B1  - PLfree  - Eyes free - JE free  - 45,5 cm
DNA identified
Admitted to LOSH breeding
MyDogDNA 105
Furnishing free. Storage disease free.
Scissor bite
Excellent. CAC/IB. BOB.

25/10/2015:  CACIB Leuven (Be), Laverty (Irl).
Excellent 1 open class males

29/08/2015:  CACIB Luxemburg (Lux), Luis Manuel Catalan (P).
Excellent 1 open class males and CACL.

11/10/2014:  CACIB Charleroi (Be) A. Cuccillato (It).
Excellent 1 Intermediate mâles, CAC, CACIB, BOB.

21/09/2014:  CAC Libramont (Be) Ionescu (Ro).
Excellent 1 Intermediate mâles, CAC, BOB.

30/08/2014:  CACIB Luxembourg, Biasiolo (It).
Excellent 1 Junior mâles, Luxemburg Junior Champion, Benelux Junior Winner 2014.

24/08/2014:  CACIB Mechelen (Be), Rutten (Be).
Excellent 1 intermediate class male. CAC, CACIB, BOS.

29/06/2014:  CACIB Genk (Be), Van Brempt (Be).
Excellent 1 youth class male. Best youth.
 BOS. Belgian Youth champion.

28/06/2014:  German Clubmatch (De) Serena Bernardi (It) 63 Lagotti.
Excellent 1 (on 12) youth class male and best youth.

22/06/2014:  Dutch Clubmatch (Nl) Morsiani (It) 80 Lagotti.
Excellent 3 (on 10) youth class male.

7/06/2014:  CAC Lommel (Be). Opris (Ro).
Excellent 1 youth class male and best youth.

13/04/2014:  CACIB Antwerpen (Be).
Excellent 2 Youth class males..

26/01/2014:  CACIB Moeskroen (Be).
Very Promissing 1 Puppy class males.

4/01/2014:  CACIB Hoogstraten (Be).
Very promessing 1 puppy class males.
Best puppy.

16 and 17/11/2013: Dubble CACIB Kortrijk (Be).
Very promessing 1 puppy class males.




As a pup in Sansepolcro (It) at Fatalbecco's - curls and truffles.


Uragano is a beautiful young male, sweet en sociable. Quickly accepted in our group. Correct teeth, good fur, walks nice and smooth, has a lot of energy. He loves the big spaces at the coast and in the forest. He is a very good truffle seeker.



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